Samsung launches a new service SmartThings Find app to locate Galaxy devices


Samsung Electronics has launched a new service – SmartThings Find which help to locate Galaxy devices quickly and easily. SmartThings Find uses Bluetooth Low Energy and Ultra-Wideband technologies in order to help people find their selected Galaxy smartphones, smartwatches, tablets and earbuds. By utilising these two technologies, SmartThings Find will make your life less stressful to search for misplaced Galaxy devices. 

SmartThings Find users will be able to find their Galaxy devices after completing a quick registration process. For instance, if you have dropped your Galaxy Note20 Ultra behind the bed, if you can’t remember where you have left your Galaxy buds or if you have left your Galaxy Watch3 somewhere securely that you can’t find it, the SmartThings Find service will help you in keeping your Galaxy devices safe with the help of SmartThings Find app.

With the help of this new app, you will be able to locate your missing device easily even if it is offline. If your device is offline for 30 minutes then, it produces a Bluetooth Low Energy signal which can be received by other devices. Suppose if you have lost your device and if you report your device as lost through SmartThings Find app, any nearby Galaxy smartphone or tablet which has been opted in helping find misplaced devices will alert the Samsung server about the location of the lost device which in turn will notify you. Every SmartThings Find app user’s data is securely protected and encrypted which also ensures that device location is not revealed to anyone except the owner.

When you lose a device, you just have to simply open this new app on your smartphone or tablet and opt on the device you want to locate. Your smartphone or tablet will then show you the exact location of your device on a map and once you are near to your device you can either choose your device as a ring or can locate it by using the AR-based search nearby function which shows colour graphics and increases intensity when you get nearer to your device.

Samsung may further expand these capabilities for tracking tags which will help the users to locate not only their Galaxy devices but also other favourite items as well.


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