Six-year-old boy spends over Rs. 11 lakh on Apple iPad using mom’s account

Photo Courtesy: iStock

Apple user Jessica Johnson was shocked when she discovered that her account was debited with around $16000 which is approx. Rs. 11 lakh. The money which was debited was used to make in-app purchases through an Apple device. Jessica realized later that it was not a credit or debit card scam but it was his own six-year old son George Johnson who made all these purchases using his Apple iPad.

As per the report by New York Post, Jessica discovered that the transactions worth $16000 were made back in July to Apple when her son had started using the iPad for games and bought add-ons on the games. Some of the major transactions happened on July 8 and her account was debited 25 times when her son made purchases worth $ 2,500 on a single day which is approx. Rs. 1.8 lakh.

At first, Jessica thought that it was some kind of a fraud and she registered an official complaint. But as per her credit card company, Chase, informed her that she was not duped by anybody and the purchases were made from her account.

Soon after knowing this, Jessica reached out to Apple seeking a refund but it was refused by Apple. As per Apple’s policies, it clearly specifies that the user can claim a refund within 60 days of making the transactions but Jessica realised this way after a time period 60-days and she suffered a loss of $16,000.

Apple remained firm on their policies even when Jessica told them that because of the difference in her bank account she would not be able to pay her family’s mortgage. She also informed that she has received her last paycheck in March and her salary was slashed by 80 percent. Apple also questioned her for not activating parental controls but she told that she was not aware about this feature. 

She also accused the gaming company for being predatory and tempting kids to buy things on the app. As per her if she was aware that there was a setting for that then she would not have allowed her six-year old to spend nearly $20,000 in charges for virtual gold rings. 

For those who are not aware, Apple has parental controls options which let the parents to monitor what their kid is browsing on their Apple devices. Some of the settings also consist of limiting purchases or accessing some of the apps.


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