Snapchat launches second-generation Spectacles with HD recording support

Photo Courtesy: Snapchat

The company Snap which is the owner of popular Snapchat app, today announced the launch of second-generation Spectacles. The sunglasses are priced at $150 which will be available from today in the US.

To recall, Spectacles are basically sunglasses with a wearable camera that record videos for Snapchat. The new Spectacles has smaller glasses compared to the previous model, which makes it easier to wear and carry around. The device comes with a new updated camera, which records videos in HD resolution. Users can record 10 seconds video with a simple tap, while one can tap twice and thrice to record 20 seconds and 30 seconds video. Also, users can press and hold for a second to snap a photo.

The company has further added a second microphone to the camera that captures better audio as compared to the previous model. In addition, the Spectacles are now having an improved transfer speed between the device and the phone. The company claims that the transfer speed is three to four times faster than the previous one.

The sunglasses are fully water-resistant and Spectacles case can also serve as the device charger. The battery life of the second-generation Spectacles is capable of shooting about 70 videos and transferring them to your phone on a single charge. Just like its predecessor, the glasses can be charged through the case and the brand claims that the case can charge the device four times before it exhausts.


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