Sony PS5 Pro dual-GPU version could roll out soon to compete against Xbox Series X

Photo Courtesy: Sony

Sony announced two new models of PlayStation 5 (PS5) gaming console – PS5 Digital Edition and the one with the disc – on 12th November in select countries. While we are waiting for the PS5 to come to India, and now a new report states that Sony could roll out a dual-GPU version of the PS5 called the PS5 Pro.

The report from T3 mentions a Sony patent that was issued earlier in 2020. The patent expresses a “scalable gaming console” where a “second GPU” is communicatively coupled with the first GPU, and that the system is for “home console and cloud gaming” use.

It is being anticipated that this dual-GPU version could likely roll out as the PS5 Pro flagship gaming console. Both would come in the accelerated processing unit (APU) format that the PS5’s SoC does, with 2 custom made AMD APUs working together to deliver intensified gaming performance and cloud streaming, the report said.

The patent also records that plural SoCs may be used to offer a high-end version of the console with greater processing and storage capacity, while the high-end system can also contain more memory such as RAM and other features and may also be used for a cloud-optimized version using the same game console chip with more performance.

Sony has not shared any official confirmation on the existence of the PS5 Pro gaming console. The patent above might not become true and Sony might never launch the dual-GPU PS5 Pro.

Regarding the PS5 availability in India, Sony has asked people to avoid purchasing the gaming console via the grey market. The company is yet to make its latest gaming console live in India. Sony has allegedly said that consoles bought from outside of India will not be considered for benefits under warranty.


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