Story of India after 25 years of internet and how it has modified

Photo Courtesy: The Live Mirror

We all are now used to an internet-connected world which started back on August 15, 1995 when the internet was made available for the first time in India. It has been over 25 years and here are some of the great events related with the internet which took place over the past two decades:

1995: Internet service provider VSNL made its internet services available for general consumers. 

1996: came into existence and this website offered a free mailing client. The website was also a web portal for Indian news, information, entertainment and shopping.

1997: came into existence which is an Indian employment website. It lets job seekers look for any job openings right from the comfort of their homes. 

1998: Sify launched its first private ISP in India.

1999: Webdunia started the first Hindi website around the globe.

2000: Both ITC e-choupal and IT law were launched in India during the year 2000.

2001: First cybercrime of India was reported in 2001.

2002: First undersea cable network of India was launched.

2003: Broadband services of Bharti Airtel was launched in India. Air Deccan introduced online ticket booking services in India.

2004: Broadband services were started by BSNL in 2004 and also Google inaugurated it’s first-ever office in India. 

2005: Google’s social networking website, Orkut was started in 2005.

2006: Just after the one year of Orkut, Facebook entered India.

2007: Finally Twitter, Google News and Flipkart came into existence.

2008: The first iPhone from Apple entered India.

2009: A policy was made to bring Indian languages on the internet.

2010: 3G auction took place in India and Facebook started to lead as compared to Orkut.

2011: MNP (Mobile Number Portability) was made accessible to users which allowed them to switch between different networks without changing their number.

2012: The internet achieved over 13.7 crore users in India and 250 crore users worldwide. 

2013: Flipkart introduced its own payment service called PayZippy.

2014: India became the third country in the world with the most active internet users. 

2015: Digital India campaign was announced by the Government of India. 

2016: Reliance Jio came and changed the way people looked at Internet usage charges.

2017: India had the most economical mobile data in the world.

2018: The National Digital Communications Policy came into existence.

2019: Internet users started rising at a quicker speed.

2020: Due to COVID-19 pandemic, consumption of the Internet increased and apps like Zoom, Google Meet were being used the most.


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