Tamron announces zoom lens for Sony APS-C mirrorless cameras

Photo Courtesy: Tamron

Tamron has announced a new zoom lens for Sony APS-C mirrorless cameras. Tamron, the Japanese producer of lenses has unveiled 17-70mm F2.8 Di III-A VC RXD lens for E-mount cropped sensor cameras. The new 17-70mm F2.8 lens is a standard zoom lens which will help cameras to click close up shots.

The lens has a fast maximum aperture across its focal range and is loaded with Vibration Compensation (VC) for low light photography. As per the company its VC mechanism uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology while shooting the videos and this technology ensures to work with cameras with in body image stabilization and without in body image stabilization. The VC mechanism also uses a Dual Micro Processing Unit with an in built Digital Signal Processor.

The RXD term present in the name of the lens stands for Rapid extra silent stepping Drive. It is compatible with many features which are built by Sony in its cameras including Fast Hybrid, Eye autofocus, autofocus and in-camera lens correction.

The latest 17-70mm F2.8 lens includes 16 elements in 12 groups containing two glass moulded aspherical elements and one hybrid aspherical element. The one hybrid aspherical element helps to maintain high resolution performance from edge to edge. The front element is coated with fluorine coating and a 67mm filter. The lens has a moisture resistant feature as well.

The 17-70mm F2.8 lens has a focusing distance of 7.5-inch at 17mm which as per Tamron is superior as compared with other similar zoom lenses in the market for APS-C format cameras. Also, the focusing distance exceeds to 15.4-inch when zoomed to 70mm.

Tamron 17-70mm F2.8 Di III-A VC RXD is compatible with Sony E-mount mirrorless APS-C cameras and will be out in mid-January 2021. There might be a change in release date due to the current coronavirus pandemic. The lens will launch in the United States with a price tag of $799. But the price and availability of Tamron’s latest zoom lens is not known in India.

There are many other lenses also which might launch next year. Reportedly, Canon is also planning to launch new super telephoto lenses. Canon already has a line up of super telephoto lenses for mirrorless cameras including Canon RF 600mm F11 IS STM and Canon RF 800mm F11 IS STM. Now, there are speculations about Canon to introduce RF 400mm F11 IS STM lens which might complete a trilogy of super small super telephoto lenses.

Primarily, both the 800mm and 600mm F11 lenses were more of a conceptual lens by the company but since the earlier mentioned super telephoto lenses are appreciated among camera users, the news regarding the launch of Canon 400mmlens can be true.


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