Timex Alarm Clock with wireless charging feature gets Wireless Power Consortium certification

Photo Source: Wireless Power Consortium

Wireless Power Consortium has certified a new Timex alarm clock with wireless charging support. This certification was granted just a few days ago and it hints that the new product should roll out soon. An image attached to this certification shows the layout of this unique product. Timex is an age-old watch manufacturing brand that is trying to revamp itself with new products evolving with today’s technology landscape. A User will be able to charge his/her phone by simply placing it on the top of your bedside alarm clock, provided your phone supports wireless charging as well.

The listing has an image attached along with it. It reveals a cylindrical table-top design with a flat surface on top for wireless charging support. There is a display screen on the front that shows the time using a red LED light. Wireless Power Consortium has listed its power level to be at 5W and the registration date is said to be 20th November this year.

This new Timex alarm clock with wireless charging support carries the model number TW300. The company hasn’t yet made any official announcement regarding it. There is also no clarity on when this product will be rolled out and which markets will see it. But, an announcement is expected to follow soon now, as the clock has been certified.

Timex had also launched the iConnect Premium Active smartwatch in India, recently. This wearable features a color touchscreen display and has silicone and stainless strap options. It is said to be IP68 water-resistant and is listed to offer heart rate monitoring, sedentary reminder, notifications for calls and text, sleep tracking, activity tracking, and music playback controls as well. It comes packed with a battery that can last for up to five days. The Timex iConnect Premium Active smartwatch carries a starting price tag of Rs. 6,995.


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