Top 5 electric scooters to buy in India (2020)

Photo Courtesy: Bajaj Auto

The year 2020 was highly unexpected for many of us. Nevertheless, it was an interesting year indeed and started with quite a bang of electric scooters. Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, we have not been able to ride too much this year. Since, personal potency will be a key space in the immediate future hence these e-scooters will have a bigger role to play in the coming period. So, in the finale month of the year 2020, let us have a look at the top five electric two-wheeler launches of 2020 which made a huge impact.

1. Bajaj Chetak

Photo Courtesy: Bajaj Auto

The Bajaj Chetak was a much-awaited launch which marked the return of the two-wheeler brand back to make scooters and the iconic nameplate. The Chetak which is now an electric scooter turned out to be quite impressive. It’s all-metal body, neo-retro design language and a top-notch build quality gives it an impressive look. It has a 4 kW electric motor which gives it power and offers up to 5.36 bhp of peak power and 16 Nm of peak torque with continuous power drops down to 5 bhp. The highest speed of the scooter was slightly disappointing which is at 60 km. This scooter model comes in two modes – Eco and Sport. Bajaj Auto claims a range of 95 km with single charge in the Eco mode which drops to 85 km in the Sport mode. The starting price is from Rs. 1 lakh for the Urbane variant and Rs. 1.15 lakh (all prices, ex-showroom Pune) for the Premium variant. The Bajaj Chetak is a good offering in the electric two-wheeler space. Due to the pandemic, there is a delay in the company’s sales and distribution plans and the e-scooter remains available only in Pune and Bengaluru as of now.

2. Ather 450X

Photo Courtesy: Ather

Ather Energy’s new flagship is its most advanced offering as of now bringing out the best from the Bengaluru based start-up at force. The Ather 450X is a step-up from the now discontinued 450 and has new colours, huge battery pack and even a higher-spec 6 kW electric motor. As a result of which the Ather 450X now makes 26 Nm of peak torque whereas the range stands at 85 km with single charge. The Ather 450X is also the only offering in this list which thrills you as per the recent road test review. It has a sharp and futuristic design coupled with top-spec build and performance which ensures that it is one of the most sought after made-in-India electric scooters to put your hands on. It comes at a steep price of Rs. 1.60 lakh (ex-showroom) but as far as turning heads are concerned, the 450X does that all over. The Ather 450X is expanding to 27 cities by the end of FY2021 and will also be available more readily.

3. TVS iQube

Photo Courtesy: TVS

The Company has finally leaped towards the electric trend with the launch of TVS iQube back in January this year. It was the third great electric offering in that month with Bajaj’s Chetak and Ather Energy’s 450X. The TVS iQube assures to be practical with the ease of a conventional scooter and the eco-friendly nature of an electric model. The scooter has a large conventional design apart from the cyclops-inspired headlamp unit. It also comes with a digital console which provides several connectivity features. The e-scooter uses a 2.25 kWh lithium-ion battery which powers the 4.4 kW motor with 6 bhp on offer. The scooter also assures a highest speed of 78 kmph whereas the claimed range stands at 75 km with a single charge. Through a standard 5 ampere socket, it will take almost 4-5 hours to charge the scooter completely. Sadly, the TVS iQube is not seen much since its launch and as of now the scooter is only available in Bengaluru. Hopefully, it can be seen in newer cities in 2021.

4. Ampere Magnus Pro

Photo Courtesy: Ampere

Greaves Cotton, the engineering and heavy equipment maker ventured into the electric mobility space with the Ampere brand and the company is selling electric scooters with convenient prices. The company launched its new flagship, Ampere Magnus Pro earlier this year which takes on 110 cc ICE scooters and is focussed at customers looking for a family-friendly offering. The scooter comes loaded with features and comes with LED lighting, anti-theft alarm, keyless entry, Combi-Braking, and even a Limp mode which offers an extra reserve battery for 10 km. The Ampere Magnus Pro assures a range of 100 km with a single charge and a highest speed of 55 kmph. The Ampere Magnus Pro will meet the needs of commuters and is available with a price nearly Rs. 74,000 Also, it is a cheap all-rounder.

5. BGauss B8

Photo Courtesy: BGauss

A new player has emerged in the electric scooter segment known as BGauss. The new start-up began operating from July this year with a line-up of future electric scooters namely – A2 and B8. Both the models come with lead-acid batteries and lithium-ion batteries. The price starts from Rs. 52,499 for the BGauss A2 and Rs. 62999 (all prices, ex-showroom) for the BGauss B8. The BGauss B8 is more powerful among the two and also features combi-brakes, geofencing, anti-theft alarm, remote lock/unlock, to find your scooter and more. The B8 has a 1.9 kW motor with three riding modes and assures peak torque of 94.6 Nm. The range stands at 70 km with a single charge for the lithium-ion version and 78 km with a single charge for the lead-acid battery and a highest speed of 50 kmph. The BGauss B8 is one of the best choices on sale today.


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