Truecaller to roll out Call reason feature and Introverts can’t wait

Photo Courtesy: Truecaller

We all gotta admit the blessing Swedish app Truecaller has proved in our lives. The features in this widely used caller ID have saved us a lot of time and also kept us safe from spam calls. But the latest addition of features like Call Reason, SMS schedule and SMS translation is taking the app to the next level and also prohibiting anyone from intruding on our privacy.

Right now the app claims to have over 250 million users all across the world with 185 million users just in India. With several useful features like call identification, call blocking, smart messaging, UPI payments and even digital loans, it is easily one of the best calling apps available. And the further addition will only lead to increased popularity.

One of the most requested features, now one can see why the person is calling and respond accordingly without having a conversation at all. We have to write down the purpose of calling before initiating the call which will be shown on the other person’s screen. The company is positive that it will increase the pickup rate as well as save a lot of time.

Users can also keep three message templates saved for quick use. All of these are highly encrypted and cannot be accessed or saved even by truecaller. The feature will be available on ios by next year and the call reason will be shown in the notification rather than the call display screen.

The SMS schedule and translation will only be available to android users. The user can schedule the message on the chat screen which will be delivered at the particular time set by the sender. It will be visible to the sender before sending it. The translation feature will be great if you are conversing with someone who speaks a different language from yours. The app will automatically translate the foreign language and show it on the screen. It is done locally without any 3rd party. Additional language packs can also be downloaded.

In case anyone tries to misuse these features, it can be reported through the spam filter like earlier and the system will take appropriate actions against it.


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