Twitter bans misinformation and false claims about COVID-19 vaccinations

Photo Courtesy: Twitter

Social media giant Twitter Inc on Wednesday said that it will start erasing harmfully false or misleading claims about COVID-19 vaccinations, in a new upgradation of its rules and regulations on coronavirus misinformation. Twitter said in a blog post that users could be required to delete tweets with false or misleading claims that suggest vaccines are “used to intentionally cause harm to or control populations, including statements about vaccines that invoke a deliberate conspiracy.”

Twitter’s policy update, which was announced in a blog post in the same week when the Americans first received COVID-19 vaccinations as part of a mob immunization campaign, also said users could be required to delete tweets with false claims about the bad effects of receiving COVID-19 vaccines.

It also bans contradictory misleading information about the bad effects of receiving COVID-19 vaccines. The new policy will begin to be imposed next week.

Deception theories and misleading information about the coronavirus and its potential vaccines have multiplied on social media platforms during the pandemic.

Twitter also said that it may share a caution on tweets with “unsubstantiated rumors, disputed claims, and out-of-context information” related to the vaccines, starting in early 2021.

A few days ago, Google, Facebook and Alphabet-owned YouTube have announced bans on false claims related to the vaccine that goes against information from public health experts.

Twitter earlier asked the users to withdraw their tweets having false information about the nature of the coronavirus, the safety of preventive measures or treatments, or the risk of infection or death. The company slashes such tweets and blocks users from tweeting again till they remove those.

Twitter will impose the updated policy from 21st December and would stretch these actions in the following weeks.


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