Vivo launches OriginOs skin with stunning features: Here are the facts you should know

Photo Courtesy: Vivo

Vivo has officially announced the launch of its new custom UI skin, OriginOS. The new custom skin succeeds Vivo’s  Funtouch OS that suddenly spikes in demand for practically the entirety of its cell phones. True to form, OriginOS brings an assortment of new features, optimizations, and obviously, visual upgrades. 

One of the primary features of OriginOS is redesigned widgets. Like Apple’s, the Android skin permits you to customize widgets, similar to a sliding riddle with various shapes. These widgets include data from applications, for example, climate application, informing application, etc. OriginOS likewise has “nano alerts” to show notifications from an application features in these widgets.

Photo Courtesy: Vivo
Following are a few facts that you must know about the latest Origin OS:
  • As far as execution, OriginOS guarantees a few upgrades to give a smooth, advantageous, and secure insight to its users. 
  • It has presented a fresh out of the box new desktop grid framework, welcoming the Huarong Grid on the home screen. 
  • It has the adaptability to openly show the charm of each component of the desktop and a different type of layout design blends can likewise be made with every essential unit. 
  • The new OS brings behavioral display wallpaper, authoritatively known as performance wallpaper where Vivo engineers consolidated the sprouting cycle of blooming flowers into only a couple of seconds. 
  • There is an improvement in message alert as OriginOS carries atomic warnings to get the key data and advises you what you care about at the correct time. 
  • The OriginOS sends updates in an exquisite manner to not to disturb the user, that too without trying not to miss a single message. 
  • There is an improvement in activities too where OriginOS accompanies new gestures, for now, no need to read complicated guides as the gestures have made them straightforward. 
  • The new OS accompanies 26 route mixes, can be finished by clicking and operating, and covers practically all main operation techniques. 
  • OriginOS additionally added an atomic segment library to sum up all the atomic segments to give different types of straightforward and helpful ways to recover them. 
  • OriginOS accompanies a refreshed climate widget to enhance the climate information display form. 
  • It brings a new super card pack that can be customized by the payment types that can be shown. 
  • OriginOS having core framework optimization upholds the most recent Multi-Turbo 5.0 to get memory combination, optimization, and application preloading innovation. 
  • There are additionally new features included in terms of photography, games, and equal worlds in Vivo’s OriginOS to explore.


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