What is an e-SIM card? What is the benefit of e-SIM technology? Here’s everything you need to know


Since its inception Mobile phones or smartphones have been using SIM cards for years and with the passage of time, technology in smartphones has come a long way. Nowadays we are using a lots of innovative features in a smartphone including under-display camera, in-display fingerprint, wireless charging as well as e-SIM cards. The new SIM technology called an e-SIM is starting to appear in a small but now it is an emerging technology in number of new smartphones, and it could become the new standard in the near future. SIM that represents Subscriber Identity Module is a unique identifier inside each smartphone that empowers telecom service organizations to know the specific phone number that has been allocated to the person. 

The SIM card that comes in both removable and non-removable choice stores your own personal data. The SIM card innovation has made considerable progress – from the traditional chip to more modest micro and nano-sized cards. The decrease in SIM card sizes has also prompted a few phone makers to increase battery sizes in their phones. The most recent in SIM technology is the e-SIM card. For some users, the idea of an e-SIM would be new, which accompanies a host of benefits for the users. 

Telecom Operators Companies like Reliance Jio, Airtel, and Vodafone Idea offer this facility to its customers. 

What is an e-SIM card? 

For those who are still not aware, an e-SIM is an electronic or inserted SIM in your phone that permits you to start the telecom membership service on the device without using an actual SIM on e-SIM supported devices. Moreover, numerous telecom operators empower customers to remotely download e-SIM profiles digitally, on e-SIM supported devices. 

In spite of the fact that customers can have various e-SIM profiles in a device or a phone, just a single e-SIM profile will be active at that specific time. 

Here are few benefits of e-SIM cards 

You can change your telecom operator easily without changing the phone (in the case of non-removable SIM cards). While traveling globally, you can select an e-SIM card easily. This spares your precious time and the problem to buy and change your SIM card. E-SIM is effectively downloadable, so you don’t need any physical instruments for the replacement of the card on your phone.


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