WhatsApp gets a shopping button: Check how this new feature works

Source: Facebook

customers to discover a business catalog. This button will help them know about the goods or services being offered by a particular business. WhatsApp says that the new button will certainly make it much easier for businesses to have their products discovered and this can help boost their sales.

The new button will replace the voice call button and will be featured directly on the chat screen to make shopping on WhatsApp easy. The feature was initially seen on a WhatsApp beta version for Android, but now it is heading towards both Android and iPhone users globally. The button looks like a storefront icon and tapping on it will open up the catalog and users will be able to browse through the items.

WhatsApp wants to be the one-stop destination for shopping where a customer can check out the product, message the seller directly, buy the desired product, and make payment for the same. The customer would get his/her order details on WhatsApp itself. 

In India, WhatsApp has already launched its Payments service, though it will be limited to 20 million users only as of now. The payment service is based on UPI. It will allow direct bank transfer payments from WhatsApp itself.

How to use the shopping button on WhatsApp next to a business account:

->Go to any business account on WhatsApp. 

->If the seller has uploaded a catalog to their business account, customers will see the store shop symbol right next to the account name.

->Tap on the symbol and the catalog will open. Products from that business that are available would appear. You can browse the catalog and see the pictures & details of each product. If you finalize a product, just tap on the Message Business button below each picture and you can raise queries about that particular product.


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