Windows 10 PCs will directly install and run Android apps starting 2021: Report

Photo Courtesy: Microsoft

Microsoft is now planning to incorporate a functionality which will directly install and run Android applications on the Windows 10 platform. This has been done to abolish the need for third-party emulators. Reports from Windows Central indicate that the tech giant is considering bringing Android apps to Windows in 2021.

The report further claims that these Android applications will be brought through the Microsoft Store to Windows 10 OS. While the report has not described how the company would implement this or whether it would come to Windows running ARM-based chips since the Android applications are currently mostly made for ARM-based devices.

Also, the new function comes with a new update to the Windows platform which will be the Windows 10X and this version of the Windows 10 OS is expected to come sometime in the first half of the next year. Interestingly, with this feature, Microsoft will take on Google’s Chrome OS which is capable of running Android apps natively. Running Android apps natively on Windows OS will not only need a lot of effort from Microsoft’s end but also need some effort from the developer’s end.

Also, it will be interesting to know whether Microsoft will offer Google Play Service support or actually offer the Google Play Store through its own Microsoft store. Also, there can be a possibility that instead of this it will offer its own app store like Samsung and Huawei which have a lot of Android applications which can run on the Windows OS.

Windows is coming closer to launch a new update hence more information regarding this can be available in the upcoming weeks and months. Microsoft is also close to launching Windows 10X which is placed to redefine the traditional Windows experience by promising seamless performance with foldable and dual-screen devices.

The operating system will give a more modern and lightweight Windows experience with the launch of Windows 10X which along with a streamlined layout will enhance battery life and improve security as well as enable updates faster. Windows 10X was initially acclaimed as a dual-screen-centric operating system but now being the direct successor of Windows 10 for all PCs there is more focus on it.


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