Xiaomi may launch a smartphone with 200W fast charging support

Photo Courtesy: Xiaomi

Xiaomi has become the first brand to bring 120W fast charging technology to smartphones with the Mi 10 Ultra this year. But it seems that the Chinese tech giant is not done yet. According to a new report by Tipster Digital Chat Station citing Android Central on Weibo, the firm may also work on fast charging technology for the handset. We are talking about 200W+ charging speed and it may come as soon as next year.

If the 120W fast charging solution of the Mi 10 Ultra is anything, till then we can see a charging standard, which can fill your 4500mAh battery phone to the brim in less than 15 minutes because the Mi 10 Ultra will get charged Takes about 23 minutes altogether.

However, there is a bit of hitch here. While the convenience of a 200W+ charging support would be greatly appreciated, it would also bring with it a set of troubles. The biggest impact is on battery life. As we know that charging the phone at such a high speed, the health of the phone’s battery deteriorates.

As such, support for this new charging speed standard can be a real hassle for the phone’s battery longevity. But we estimate that if Xiaomi has started a mission to bring 200W+ charging to consumer-class phones, it will also explore a workaround for battery health before releasing this feature on its flagship phones.

Interestingly, there is some news about the phone that this new technology can be seen for the first time. According to the leaks, the company may display this technology on a new foldable smartphone that the company plans to launch next year. It will be an in-folding screen phone, which will also have an under-display selfie camera. Recent leaks have also claimed that this foldable phone will come with a 108-megapixel main camera and Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset.


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