YouTube redesigned for iOS and Android devices

Photo Courtesy: XDA Developers

In an attempt to make its app more time-saving and interactive, YouTube has rearranged the buttons and now offers a more streamlined video viewing experience with its latest App update. The update is to be rolled out for both the Android and iOS devices. The buttons have been moved to new locations which are said to be more useful for the users to save their time. YouTube has also added gestures that will make it easier for users to navigate through the video player while watching videos with the new update.

YouTube Update Brings Enhanced ‘Video Chapters’ and more Features:

With an intensified ‘Video Chapters’ feature, users will now be able to see a complete list of all the chapters which are included in the video they are watching. It will help them indirectly skip the part they want to learn about. This is just one of the five new features that YouTube has added to its new update.

Also, the captions button ‘CC’ has been moved to the top of the screen so that the user doesn’t have to find it through the menu every time he/she needs to switch it on and off. Further, the ‘Auto-Play’ toggle has also been moved to the top of the screen, to the left of the ‘CC’ button. 

There are multiple additional features added to the app to let the users save plenty of time. Entry and exit to the full-screen mode have been made much easier. Now, just a simple swipe up to enter full screen and swipe down to exit will do the job.

Furthermore, the app will now suggest users for rotating the phone in the appropriate direction for getting the best viewing experience and a new digital wellbeing tool named ‘Bedtime Reminders’ has been introduced which will allow users to manage their time-table on the app.


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