Zebronics India rolls out smart home automation camera ‘Zeb-SmartCam 100’

Photo Courtesy: Zebronics India

Domestic audio system & lifestyle accessories brand Zebronics India rolled out its new smart home automation camera named “Zeb-SmartCam 100” on Wednesday. It is designed with an aim to provide better monitoring of your home, office, and other properties by allowing remote two-way conversation.

ZEB-Smart Cam 100 is an indoor camera that sports a foldable and sleek design that looks modest and can easily blend into your living room, Zebronics said, adding that the camera is easy to install and helps the user to keep an eye with remote controlling and monitoring.

“As a brand, we’ve always strived to bring new technology products and bridge the gap of accessibility to our users,” Sandeep Doshi, Director – Zebronics, said in a statement.

“Our home automation camera can be of prime importance especially if you have to take care of children or the elderly, and monitor them from time to time. It also ensures peace of mind to our users being able to monitor, get updates and remotely converse and monitor their loved ones,” Doshi said.

The camera is made compact so that it can be kept as a tabletop to monitor and for easy two-way communication. It provides a 2MP resolution with H.264 video compression, advanced motion detection, two-way audio communication on the phone app, and the camera end.

It supports both Android and iOS devices and also has a storage option with a Micro SD card up to 128GB.To connect it with the Zeb-Home app, available on PlayStore and Apple App Store, users just need to scan the QR code given on the product, create a username and password, add the camera using the internet (WiFi) and adjust the settings, for instance, you can set an alarm, change movements, set motion detection, enable a two-way conversation, and enable night vision.

With the app, a user can either live stream or watch recordings also. The camera has motion detection up to 5 meters with a wide viewing angle, which comes very handy and alerts the user in case a motion is detected.

Zebronics said that the Zeb-SmartCam100 home automation camera is available at leading Indian retail stores and also at Amazon for Rs. 1,500.


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