Zomato announces free takeaway services for restaurant partners


Renowned food delivery company Zomato has recently announced that it will make takeaway services free for restaurants. The company also assured that it will not charge any commission, and will also withdraw the payment gateway fee imposed on all orders by the company.

In a blogpost, the Gurugram-based start-up stated that, “Takeaway orders on the Zomato app have seen a tremendous increase in order volumes of over 200% in the last few months.”

Zomato founder Deepinder Goyal wrote on Twitter that, “We are introducing takeaway / self-pick-up services on a much larger scale than before. Also making this service commission-free for our restaurant partners. “He continued, “55,000+ restaurants are already live for takeaway on Zomato and we are serving thousands of people at such weekly events.”

The company says that they live with 55,000+ restaurants on takeaways across the country and are placing thousands of such orders weekly. It is being seen as a way to help restaurants get back on their feet.

Customers can choose between delivery and takeaway options provided on the app. Users can offer all restaurants using relevant filters on the home page of the Zomato app.

The company believes that once the takeaway fee is waived off customers, “those who are bored with home-cooked meals will start consuming restaurant food with a safe and convenient takeaway option.” “For restaurants that have already placed delivery orders, the takeaway provides another opportunity to reach more customers, further expanding their business,” Ganju said in the blog.

The food delivery business was one of the most affected industries due to the restrictions imposed due to coronavirus. Apps, including Swiggy and Zomato, had to let go of many employees due to lack of revenue. However, food-delivery apps have returned to normalcy since the lockdown was lifted. The WHO also said that food distribution is safe and that people should not be afraid of food packaging.

The online food delivery segment has grown significantly in the last few years. Earlier this year, Zomato acquired UberEats’ Indian business in an ox-stock deal that would give Ride Healing Company a 9.99% stake in Zomato. However, the business was badly affected during the Coronavirus lockdown. Zomato ventured into the grocery distribution business during the nationwide lockout.


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